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Who is Derek Dooley?

     When I first received news that Derek Dooley, from LaTech, would be the next coach at the University of Tennessee, I was concerned at first. I judged the book by its cover. I saw the name of LaTech and my immediate emotions took over that this was a major flop. I am not saying that I now believe he is the "savior" of our program, or anything along those lines. I am saying however that after looking deeper in to his resume, I realized that he is qualified for this postion. I use the word qualified because I am not sure he has completely proven himself as a head coach yet. He did do some good things in his short stay at LaTech, in bringing in some great recruits for a team of that nature. But what else has Derek Dooley done, I have gathered a brief history of where coach Dooley has come from.

Coach Dooley, as everyone knows, is the son of legendary Georgia coach, Vince Dooley. He attended the University of Virginia as a walk on wide receiver who eventually earned a scholarship. After UVA, Dooley attended law school at the University of Georgia, and practiced law for 2 years in Atlanta upon graduating. In 1996, Dooley returned to UGA as a graduate assistant. He was there for one year before serving as co-recruiting coordinator and wide receivers coach at Southern Methodist University (SMU) from 1997-1999.

Next Dooley went to LSU, where he remained until 2004. While at LSU, he served as recruiting coordinator and secured 2 number 1 recruiting classes in 2001 and 2003. Dooley also coached running backs and tight ends at LSU, including Joseph Addai. Next, Dooley followed Coach Nick Saban from LSU to the NFL and the Miami Dolphins. While with the Dolphins Dooley coached the tight ends. After 2 years with the Dolphins Dooley arrived at LaTech, and eventually at UT.

Dooley provides a great resume for this position. But I was even more impressed in listening to him talk. He will not be a coach that is in the news everyday, or the most exciting guy in the room. But he seems to be honest, and very hardworking. I believe he will be a great recruiter, just as he has proven to be in the past. And I believe that in time, he stands a chance to do great things in this program. It will take time, and Tennessee fans are not known for their patience. But that is what it will take. We need to support coach Dooley and give him a real chance. He seems to be a man of great integrity thst will "give his all for Tennessee today."
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Alright.. I gotta say this. Im tired of hearing everyone talk about Tiger like he is dirt all of a sudden. Don't get me wrong. What he did is very very wrong. BUT. It is not our job to punish him. I see Christians all around me speaking so poorly of Tiger because of one sin. Have they too not sinned? Is it not a sin to judge anymore?In John 8, a woman caught in adultery is presented to Jesus. They ask him if they should stone her. In John 8:7, Jesus says, "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her."
Christians know this story of the Bible, but throw it out in their own lives. Maybe we haven't tried to kill Tiger, but the media has stoned him. People need to support this man, who is not a god, even if some seemed to think so before now. Everyone makes mistakes. He definitely made a mistake. But it is not our place to judge him for this. 
I have heard it rumored, do not know for sure, that Tiger is atheist. If this is true, what kind of Christian are we presenting him with. Not a very good one. How can we win one to Christ if we condemn him of his mistake, while acting like we're perfect. WERE NOT. No one is. That is why we needed Jesus to begin with. Let us not forget our own sins and stone those who sin. For we all are sinners and need to stand together to overcome weakness. 
Again, what he did was wrong, but we need to support him and help him regain control of his life. Not tear him down. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. That eliminates ALL of us!
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Well, never would I have thought that I would have to criticize our defense so much. We were beaten single handedly by one person. MCCLUSTER. I have said time and time again that if the Rebs would give him the ball they would be a one loss team at this point. They have tried to keep him from getting injured because he is so small, but they might as well have shot themselves in the foot. This kid is amazingly fast, and our defense had no answer for him. Janzen Jackson was a huge loss to our defense, but not big enough that he would have made a difference in Saturday's game. Maybe a little, but it takes more than one to play defense. This was a good reality shock to this defense. They were completely unprepared, and it showed from the first drive.
We also managed to lose another linebacker. If anyone reading this would like to play, I am sure they have room for anyone at linebacker now. This has been some of the worst luck at a position I have ever seen, close to Georgia's lineman situation last year. 
But, I figured we would lose a step at some point this year. However, I believed it would have been another offensive catastrophe. The offense had a decent showing. We have known all year that Ole Miss had a great defense, and if you had told me we would score the way we did, I would have expected a very close game, within one score either way. I am not too disappointed in the offense. They were able to do some good things, and had some errors as well. But compared to where they started it was not a bad performance. 
I still haven't seen anything good about our special teams. They had another field goal blocked, and still wont change anything. Punts were abysmal, and that may be a compliment. I have not seen punts that consistently short in forever, We had opportunities, but couldn't capitalize. And when we did score, they would just come and match it. Then we couldn't score, and couldn't stop them still yet. This is possibly the worst overall performance of the year, tied with UCLA in my book. This was a winnable game going in, and we blew it. But I tip my hat to Ole Miss, who also saw a winnable game and took full advantage.
And of course many will say that the off the field events had an effect on the game. I agree that they did. But once we got, well I will say to the end of the 1st quarter for arguments sake, these events were gone. We were still in the game, and should have been ready to play. So I believe the events of stupidity off the field caused us to have a slow start, especially on defense, but they should not have affected the entire game. All in all, Ole Miss showed up and the Vols forgot to play. We were outplayed, for the second time this year. 
I did believe that we would lose another and finish 7-5, which will be a decent season. We have Vandy and Kentucky left. Which while they arent the toughest teams we have played. If we play like last week we can have a very tough time ahead. I do believe we will return to form this week and play a solid game. At least we should return to a bowl game, which is improvement, even if not very much. We need to look ahead now, and win these two crucial games. We may not go to a great bowl, but we will get the extra days of practice, which will play a huge roll in rebuilding this program. This will also help with recruiting, and it also helps that we have shown great progress in big games, with the exception of this week. Now lets see if the Vols can get up for a crucial game on Saturday. GO VOLS!
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First I want to thank those who have read my past blogs, and I also want to encourage those who read this to comment and let me know what you think.
Now! To the game. What a great start, and I want to congratulate the kickoff team on a great game. South Carolina may not have the returning threats of some schools, but the coverage was still great. Even the first kickoff, that wasn't exactly killed, was covered well enough not to give them a great starting position. As far as field goals, the first one was blocked (making it 3 blocked fgs in a row), but it was his first field goal in a SEC game. And he was also able to keep his head up and come in later and make a fairly long mid range field goal. So seeing that was another boost for our special teams.
All in all, coming out with the great energy we started with is what won the game. It may have been the black jerseys, or a great speech, but whatever it was it worked. Something lit a fire under these kids and they were not going to lose at any cost. They blew South Carolina up right out of the gates, which was even more crucial in a less than par 3rd quarter. I'm not sure if South Carolina had butter on their hands, or bad luck on their side, or if the defense just planned on forcing fumbles, but they did, and gave to offense the ball in great position to score. And the offense for 3 1/2 games now, has continued to play better. This was not their strongest game, but they were able to find the checkerboard, and that's what wins games. 
I had said that this was the toughest game left, and while I'm not sure what happened to South Carolina, we won! And that is all that I am concerned with. We now have Memphis, and while they are worse this year than they have been in a few years, they still do not need to be overlooked. They gave Ole Miss, our next opponent, a pretty tough battle in the season opener. I think we will win this game, but it won't be a huge blowout. I look for the Vols to try some new packages and plays on both sides of the ball. And hopefully the new schemes will work and we will crush the tigers. That could be a tremendous boost as we make the drive to Oxford Mississippi to play the Rebels. But like always, lets get through this week, and take it from there. 
I also want to add that we have made the top 25 in the legends poll, which, while not a huge deal, it is nice to be moving in the right direction.
Also, as for the black jerseys, I have heard several people complain about them. Here's what I think, it's a jersey! And if giving them black jerseys and something new makes them excited to play, DO IT! Who cares, you are not just playing for orange or white, you're playing for the T on the helmet, and Im pretty sure that was still there. The colors didn't change anything. I was glad to see them do something for these kids to enjoy, and if that means a special edition black jersey, let it be. Stop wasting time arguing over clothes, lets just play the game. 

Also have to give some credit to my Indianapolis Colts who managed to remain undefeated through their worst offensive performance yet. If they can win on a day like that it can be a good year for them.
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ALABAMA REVIEW and what the future holds

I got everything I wanted out of this game. I wanted to see us keep it close to spark our finish. And we DID. We outplayed the number 1 team in the country. Unfortunately, our special teams, field goal team, forgot to make the trip. The blocking on the field goals was par at best, BUT Daniel Lincoln, this is on you. The kid looked terrified as he stood on the sideline. He left a 42 yd kick short, should never be short, maybe left or right, not short. A major D1 school kicker should have that strength. He kicked two into the line, his approach was slow, and seemed to kick softly. But his self confidence was so low he didnt have a chance. The look on his face before the kick said it all, he didnt want to have the game in his hands, couldnt handle the pressure. 
But I saw a great UT effort today. The defense played well as always. They stepped up to the challenge and held the number 1 team in the country to no touchdowns. They didn't give up after the roughing the kicker call that could have ended the game. They forced the fumble when it mattered, on a running back who has never lost a fumble, and is a "possible" heisman candidate. They played a perfect game in my eyes. 

I can not say enough about this offense. They gave us several chances at field goals against what is arguably the best defense in the country. They ran the gameplan to perfection. Stay in the game and have a chance to win late. They controlled the clock, and completed the passes in the end when they needed too. I am not sure that these are the same players from the beginning of the season. WOW! That is what was in my head as I watched an offense perform against this great defense. Crompton stayed confident and helped put this team in a place to win the game. I am so proud of this team today. 
This game has given us the spark we needed. We CAN go 8-4. South Carolina will provide a tough game, that, when in Neyland Stadium, is almost a guaranteed overtime game. I believe this is the toughest game left, even though the Ole Miss Rebels will provide another tough battle in  Oxford. As I said we CAN go 8-4, but I look for a 7-5 season. This will be a great success for this first year coaching staff. But more importantly than the record, we are competing and showing people we will be back to the Rocky Top. That phrase couldn't fit any better because the road ahead is still rocky, but if we continue to develop and improve, we can reach the top again. This coaching staff has shown a great ability to adapt and adopt new ways of playing the game. They find ways to make their players comfortable, rather than doing the same things over and over. I look forward to a STRONG, Tennessee Vol-like finish. GO VOLS!
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The Beginning (and the Georgia game)

This is my first blog and nothing more than an introduction to what will be covered or uncovered by myself. This will mostly contain my thoughts and views on Tennessee Volunteer Football and Basketball (I think that is the only sports they have anyway, haha) as well as some random thoughts I have involving anything else in sports. This blog will normally be written once a week, following big games, or any time I feel a strong urge to type about something that is on my nerves, there is a good chance that will be Lou Holtz. 

I will now continue and start with my review of the Georgia game. First off, I want to give Crompton credit for a solid performance, as well as the coaching staff for continuing to stick with him. I also want to give credit to the wideouts, who finally seemed to have faith in their quarterback. For the first time this year, I refuse to count Western Kentucky, I saw true team chemistry. I thought Crompton made major leaps last week against Auburn, but really made the turn this week. 
 The defense also played really well, holding Georgia to 3 points offensively. But what else would we expect from them. This defense continues to look better and better every week. I realize they weren't playing a great team, but to play like that against anyone, even Western Kentucky, would be impressive. I believe I also heard somewhere, even though I didn't notice or remember it, but they said that UGA did not even make it into the red zone. WOW! That is incredible. 
But, a word Tennessee fans are used to following a defensive review. Our special teams is AWFUL! We allowed nine points to be scored on special teams. This is ridiculous. Something needs to be done, more time spent, new players out, something. I realize we have our best out there, as we all see Berry on the kickoff team. But I do not think it is bad to put 2nd and 3rd string players out there on special teams. This may not make sense, but these kids will realize this will be their time to prove themselves and will put more focus into special teams than others are able to. These guys will be so pumped just to be on the field that they will go the extra mile to get the job done. On Friday nights these players will lie in bed and focus on knowing their running lanes, blocks, etc. Because for now it is all they have. 

ALABAMA GAME As much as I am a Vol fan, I do not see us winning this game. However, if our defense will play well, special teams gets the job done, and the offense makes a few plays and is able to stay on the field. We can give ourselves a chance. But more importantly, I believe if we keep the game close, and pull another "moral victory", which is something I completely hate, so do not think that this is what I'm praying for, we can draw some energy and confidence from this game. And from there it is very possible to win out, and go 8-4, or more likely 7-5. 
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